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ARF knows the heartbreak of losing a beloved four-legged family member. Perhaps you’d like to pay tribute to a deceased pet or just share your feelings with other animal lovers. For a donation of $25, ARF welcomes you to write a personal tribute and provide it to ARF along with a photograph of your furry or feathered family member to be posted on this memorial page. Your tax-deductible donation will allow ARF to continue its life-saving work.

Each life has value, each life has meaning, and each life has purpose. For all the unconditional love your pet provided, this tribute page is an excellent way to keep those memories alive.

Donate NowTo continue please click on the “Donate Now” button to submit your $25 donation. Upon receipt, you will receive a thank you email and instructions on providing your pet’s tribute and photograph for posting on ARF’s website.

Due to space, text is limited to 150 words per posting. Photographs may be color or black and white. All posting are made at the discretion of ARF and may be edited for content. Postings will remain for 12 months.



Simba was a beautiful and talkative cat, with many nicknames. She was rescued by her family at a young age, when they found her outside. She was filled with love for her human parents, and would eagerly wait for the evening time to both give and receive affection. We named these “love fests”. She slept in our bed at night, and would often wake us up in order to receive affection. She gave much joy over her years to her family, and will be missed forever.



1996 - June 2013

PicoHe trusted me. He gave me his love. He never asked for much in return.

Pico was the product of a puppy mill and came to me through rescue. I think it was our mutual agreement that kept him going for 17+ years—that we would always take care of each other. You have to love an old dog. In the evenings, I would carry him up the stairs and lay him across my chest to watch TV. He was very happy to be with me and he would occasionally wake up and look me in the eyes as if to say 'oh good, you're still there, I am safe'. Some people might scoff but I swear I could sometimes see wisdom in those old eyes.

I'd like to think that Pico is already up in heaven running with his other dog buddies. Someday I hope to be reunited with my faithful companion.

Thank you, Pico for all those years. You made my life all the better my friend. You will always be in my heart and soul.

~ Karen



April 1996 - August 2012

MistyMisty-my sweetheart love. Misty was spunky, smart, knew where she was going even if she never had stepped paw there before. Say “car ride” and she couldn’t wait to go. Carmel Beach and dog parks were her favorite places.  She was the belle of the ball everywhere she went. She was a great negotiator, especially when a treat was involved. She hated cats, and had immense pride when she treed the nasty neighborhood cat after a fast chase. Her face would be poking through the window blinds waiting for me to come home.  Then it was time to play ball, or our own game, “wild dog!” As her eyesight diminished, so did her activity, but not her spirit. As we said our final goodbye, she let me know that she had a short life so others could live. I love you Misty. 

~ Maureen & Jim Richardson




This donation is in honor of the Byer family's beloved dog, Shelby. As seen in the photo, she was ever the party pooch and had the most adventurous life! Her mom will say 15 years was not near long enough but they sure made every single second count! We will always miss you and will never forget your sweet and gentle nature, the way you made us laugh with your prancing hula skirt and the love and connection you had with your humans. May the Rainbow Bridge be covered in yummy morsels and please say hi to Bear. We can picture the two of you playing fetch until you collapse!

~ The Sprecher Family



January 2004 - March 2012

HazelMy husband Scott and I adopted Hazel from ARF in the fall of 2004, at 8 months old. At the time, her name was Byrnes (go A's) but Hazel seemed to fit. Hazel was a constant companion for runs, hikes, or just hanging out in the backyard. Her favorite hobby was chasing, and occasionally catching, the squirrels that were oddly the same color as her. I'll never forget the run-ins she had with a skunk, a possum, and several raccoons. Hazel was around for the addition of our two boys, Dean and Davis, and came to accept them into her core family circle. We miss you dearly, sweet Hazel.

The Giddings Family



Rusty Reschke
April 2, 1997 - December 9, 2011

Rusty ReschkeIn his puppyhood, he was perfection. In his youth, he was the master of mischief and mayhem. In middle age, he was the hunter. In his old age, he mentored young Claire, teaching her how to work the dinner table. He relished every day and every treat, and he graciously tolerated being hugged and kissed. He forgave us all our faults and believed we were beautiful. We were family, and he will forever be part of the pack.

Now find Grandma and get a treat! 

Maureen, Dennis, Justin, and Claire.



September 2011

Coco girl,
You were ours for a short period but I still think about you every day. I would do anything to hug and kiss you again. Rest in peace, special girl.  

All of our love,
Liza and Drew



Bailey MasonBailey Mason
9/3/01 - 9/23/11

Sweet, Handsome, and Goofy. He brought immeasurable love and laughter to all who knew him.

~ Reschke Family



March 1989 - September 19, 2011

I remember bringing you home from DVC when you were and your brother were just feral kittens. You mellowed over the ages and became my lap cat outliving your brother by over seven years.
Never thought I’d say this but I’ll miss you jumping up on my bed at the crack of dawn trying to get me up to feed you.

I’ll miss your cries to be picked up to lay on my lap when I’m on the computer. The list of memories could go on and on but suffice to say I will miss you dearly and was fortunate to have had you for 22 ½ years. Now I know you are with Malcolm wrestling together like kittens again.

~ Rita



1994 - 2009

Rosco was a Bichon Frise who was almost 15 years old when we had to say goodbye to him. He was Dave's beloved companion and is greatly missed. Rosco was known by many and always put a smile on people's face. He was Dave's constant companion and best friend and his passing left a huge hole in our hearts. He was a wonderful dog.

~ Dr. Sandy Block



July 1, 1998 - October 24, 2010

Your beautiful angelic face, naughty ways, soft, shy, but bossy, defiant and independent spirit are sorely missed. Your servants and household are quiet since we are all mourning your passing. I hope that heaven has many refrigerator and oven doors for you to open and challenge your mind and dexterity. May those doors contain many delicious morsels to keep you entertained for all eternity. Enjoy bossing Bizzy around. I hope there are lots of comfortable places for you to sun bathe and many green fields for you to supervise and romp in.

Loving you and missing you always until we meet again,
Leslie and the gang



May 1995 - January 2010

Happy and fearless, you were always looking for fun and adventure. You loved to run, jump, fetch, swim, catch fish, balance on logs and even climb trees. We all miss your bright spirit, Buddy, especially chasing sparkles and shadows, your funny "woo, woo, woo" noises and your joyous dancing for breakfast. Now that you are free from the limitations of old age, enjoy running free again and have fun with Rudy and Bandit at the rainbow bridge. I forgot to send your favorite hedgehog toy with you, but I will bring it when I see you again. Thanks for helping to teach Dylan the ropes and for always being everybody's wonderful "Buddy".

~ Lois



1999 - 2010

Pepper, we miss you every day. We miss your Maybelline eyes and your little meow to tell us it is breakfast or dinner time. We miss your sweet little face sitting next to our cereal bowl each morning, waiting for a little lick of milk. We miss making the bed and not finding you hiding under the covers or jumping onto the back of our chairs. Claire, the young Brittany, misses her favorite sparring partner, and most of all, we will miss you next Christmas, sitting under the lights of the tree your favorite place in the world. Thank you for being such an important and loving member of our family for ten years.

~ Maureen, Dennis, Justin, Rusty and Claire



May 1995 - April 2009

Rescued from abuse when he was 7-months old, Rudy's greatest happiness was being at my side. He loved to fetch, run free and swim. Rudy was the most devoted dog I have ever known and he helped get me through some tough times. Always the responsible one, he made sure the other dogs behaved. Rudy was forever opening doors to get into the house. I miss having all the dogs come charging into the house, happy to see me when I have forgotten to let them back inside but Rudy took care of the oversight for me. There are thousands of photos of fun we shared over the years on vacations, at home and at the park. With so many happy memories of our time together, Rudy will live on in my heart forever.

~ Lois



SwayzeSwayze Bo
April 22, 1989 - May 12, 2009

Twenty years! — 20! — we were blessed to have you that long. I say us, 'cause you touched my life as well as everyone else who got to know you — family, friends, and all the other pets in the family. 
You were the "alpha" dog, even as you aged and were slower to the water dish. 

You had your quirks:
The way you leaned on the arm of the sofa and appeared to be watching television, particularly baseball games, right along side me. 
The way you danced on your hind feet, much like your famous dancing namesake. 
The way you met me at the door after a long, or a brief, absence — with enough joy and barking to fill a stadium. 
I miss you still, I'll miss you always, and I pray that you are holding doggy court, giving kisses and have a comfy pillow to lay on in your new home.

Love Mom


BabetteBabette Bedell

The little princess with the bluest eyes and the sweetest soul.  She was sometimes a "Pain" but always a pleasure. We will miss her every day but know she is with us still, in our hearts, forever. Babette had a loving home and was adored by many people. We make this donation in her honor, that other kitties will find their forever home and experience true love. We miss you beautiful girl and love you always.

~ Auntie Laura and Uncle Chris



SparkySparky aka Sparkle Glitter Perfume
2001 - 2009

I adopted Sparky and her sister Snoopy from ARF in 2001. True to the ARF motto, they did, in fact, rescue me. After becoming seriously ill, Sparky was my constant companion, always there for me, right by my side giving me comfort and the love that I needed so badly. I never dreamed I would have so little time with her, 8 years was not enough. I tried desperately to save her but her cancer was too far advanced. I shall miss her purrs, her tummy massages, her meows, her beautiful eyes and most of all her sweetness. There has never been a better kitty or friend.

Rest in Peace my little round headed girl.

~ Laura




This donation in honor of Ora Citron's dog, Duffy, who was lost in a fire that destroyed her home. Duffy had been led safely away from the fire, but then became confused and went back to the house. His injuries were so severe, he had to be put to sleep by the vet. Ora and I share a love for our dogs, and I know she is devastated over the loss of her companion. I hope this small token lets her know how much we all care.



1994 - 2009

I remember begging my mom for a puppy. "I don't want any animals in the house," she would say. Finally, she caved... and boy did she ever! I didn't gain a new puppy, I gained a sister. She would have been 15 years old this year, and we loved her more and more each day. We will love you always and never forget your wonderful personality.  

Love, Big Sister Ginnie



Pinky Leigh McDougallPinky Leigh McDougall
September 1992 – January 2009

Pinky chose me to sit at her right paw and obey. She was my inspiration for writing; she taught me all I know about cat behavior. Together we helped untold numbers of cats stay in their homes. She was my constant companion; far better company than either of my husbands. Demanding, exacting, moody, her tender side bloomed for me. No one who knew her would have believed that she checked on me nightly and daily asked to be held. She enriched my life immeasurably; my life will forever be changed by her presence and her passing.

~ Dorothy



2000 - 2001

Fawn was a very special little bunny who was rescued from the euthanasia room at the local animal shelter when she was just three months old. She had a wonderful year with me and her best friend, Lucy the cat. She enjoyed organic veggies and a habitat carpeted to match the rest of the house. Sadly, exactly one year after she joined the household she became very ill. As hard as we all tried to save her, it just wasn't to be. She will never be forgotten.

~ Bonnie



January 1993 - June 2008

Nippers was a pregnant stray who captured my heart with her adorable silent meow in 1995. After giving birth to just one kitten, she selflessly nursed and nurtured three other abandoned underage kittens. She was my first cat, and taught me all about kittens, motherhood, and unconditional love. 

She will remain in my heart always.

~ April



Bossie and BuckBossie
January 1993 - September 2003

July 1992 - July 2006

In loving memory of Bossie and Buck, Trombetta Treasures who will live in our hearts forever.

~ Chuck and Ruth



October 1993 - March 2007

Kierney was a special soul who touched everyone she met. She led an amazing life from the time her litter of 7-week-old puppies was rescued while being prepped for euthanasia. She was brilliant, expressive, graceful, athletic, and keenly aware of her value. She had a way of casting a spell over humans to make them serve her needs – using her laser-like attention to enlist their opposable thumbs to throw the ball for her. She aptly trained an entire organization’s staff to keep her ball in motion and simultaneously assist clients. As you would imagine, she excelled at sports like flyball and agility. She was beauty in movement. She was the best foster mother to neonatal kittens. Our relationship was the closest experience I’ve had to telepathy and I will be eternally grateful that I was privileged enough to share her life and love.

~ Jill




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