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  Adoption Programs  
Adoption Programs

Adoption Program

Available Dogs

Available Cats

Animals with Special Needs

Locations and Times

Military & Veteran Pet Adoption Program

Private Adoption Program

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Adoption Hours at ARF
2890 Mitchell Drive
Walnut Creek

Holiday Pet Delivery
Wednesday & Thursday
Noon - 6 pm
Noon - 7 pm
Saturday & Sunday
Noon - 6 pm

Early-bird sign-ins available Wed. - Fri. at 9 am

Adoption fees:
Cat $50
Kitten under 6 months $125
Dog $225
Puppy under 6 months $250
Select animals have pre-paid fees.

Credit or debit card and cash are accepted. No checks please.

BONUS: Dogs and Puppies include a 50% discount on their first six week session of manners training classes.

Animals with Special Needs

Perhaps you have a special place in your home for an ARF dog or cat with special needs? Or perhaps you have a special place in your heart to make a donation to ARF’s Hope Fund to help these and other ARF animals like them?

ARF’s Hope Fund helps pay for veterinary and other special needs of animals rescued by ARF's rescue patrol. Helping these abandoned animals is an important part of ARF's mission. Although the expense may be cost prohibitive for these ARF shelter guests, the transformation is nothing short of a miracle. Only through your generous donations can ARF continue this life-enriching work.

Available Now for Adoption!


5-month-old Emma is one adorable kitten who is up for anything! Having one eye doesn't slow her down one bit, as she loves to play and be around her people.

She is suitable for a first time cat guardian. Emma must be an indoor only cat.

Available Now for Adoption!


2-year-old Cheese is a big solid dude who is so loving and cute! He will bring much joy to his new family. He is suitable for a first time cat guardian.

Cheese is FIV* positive but that doesn't stop him from being a very adorable, sweet guy! He must be an indoor only cat and can only live with other FIV positive cats.

Cheese's adoption fee has been prepaid by a generous donor.

*Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV)

FIV is a virus in the same family of viruses as Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV). FIV is a cat-only disease and people cannot catch FIV from their cats. FIV is only spread between cats by bite wounds and blood transfusions. FIV cannot be spread casually - unless an FIV kitty bites another cat, the virus cannot spread. There is no reason cats with FIV should not be in loving homes. FIV cats can often live long and normal lives. Some cats live a long time with this virus, often with no symptoms at all. FIV cats have a lot to offer a family and should not prevent a delightful feline from coming into a loving home.





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