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  Meet Your Matchâ„¢Meet Your Match® - Cat Adopter Survey

Fill out the Cat Adopter Survey below, answering simple questions about how you want your new cat to fit into your home and family. The survey has 15 questions to help determine which Feline-ality™ would best match your expectations, experience, lifestyle and home environment. Based on how you answer you will be given a purple, orange, or green color card. Then, use your color as a guide to match yourself with your new best friend.

I would consider my household to be like A library Middle of the road A carnival
I am comfortable with a cat that likes to play “chase my ankles” and similar games No  Somewhat Yes
I want my cat to interact with guests that come to my house Little of the time  Some of the time All of the time
How do you feel about a boisterous cat that gets into everything? Love them but rather not live with them Depends on the situation Fine by me
My cat needs to be able to adjust to new situations quickly Not important Somewhat Yes
I want my cat to love being with children in my home It's not important whether my cat loves being with children Some of the time  Most of the time
My cat needs to be able to be alone More than 9 hours per day 4-8 hours per day Less than 4 hours per day
When I am at home, I want my cat to be by my side or in my lap Little of the time Some of the time All of the time
I want my cat to enjoy being held Little of the time Some of the time Most of the time
I need my cat to get along with (check all that apply) Dogs Cats Birds
My cat will be Inside Inside and Outside Outside
I have lived with cats before No Yes Currently
I prefer my cat to be talkative No Yes It's not important if my cat is talkative
I want my cat to play with toys Little of the time Sometimes Often
I want my cat to be active Not very active Somewhat   Yes, very

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